Saturday, September 17, 2011

The weekend

It's been a really crazy week, there's been so much homework that needs to get done. But yesterday (Friday) was a lot of fun. My best friend and I went out to visit our friends who had their second baby boy last week, he is such a little cutie. And of course, we got to see their oldest son, Brayden, he's so much fun, he's almost 2 now. Then after I got home, I did work on homework some and got a few things accomplished. But then a few hours later, I took a break and had coffee with my best friend, at end of the trail :) After I got home, I just decided to relax, because I've been way too overly stressed lately.

Now to today (Saturday), I have got a busy day planned. Working on homework this morning and then at noon going with my best friend to end of the trail again, for our weekly Saturday meeting, and then a group of girls invited us to this party and after that church. Then coming back home to work on homework and watch the game. All I know is, I really hope to get my accounting stuff done today, because it's due Tuesday and I've got a whole bunch of other homework to get done as well.

And tomorrow (Sunday), there is church in the morning, probably end of the trail with Amanda for a lil while in the afternoon and then homework and the game the rest of the day. And dinner with the family thrown in there at night.

All in all, it is going to be a fun and busy weekend, those can be fun sometimes. Hopefully all semester is not like this!

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